Whether you choose to just continue your education or start a whole new career, being an SSI Dive Professional is a very gratifying experience! Besides all the fun you will have, becoming a Dive Professional is personally and financially rewarding.

Starting down the dive professional pathway provides many opportunities to develop your skills and further your diving career.

Pro Courses


Since 1970, SSI has been a leader in professional education. The SSI Dive Guide program is a simple way for divers who want to be more involved but aren’t ready to take on the responsibility or the commitment of becoming an SSI Instructor. The Dive Guide program is the starting point for the Dive Professional adventure.

Completing the Science of Diving specialty is the next step to becoming a dive professional and upgrading to the SSI Divemaster rating. You are then on your way to becoming an Assistant Instructor.

Devoted Dive Professionals motivated to share their love of recreational diving will find the SSI Dive Control Specialist program very fitting and flexible. It allows you to teach in both the classroom and pool under indirect supervision of an instructor, giving you the basis and necessary experience to become an SSI Open Water Instructor.

app_1SSI Course theory is achieved through the DiveSSI app which allows you to login in to your account on-line and complete all the theory in your own time - there is no need to spend valuable time in a classroom whilst on vacation! Download the FREE DiveSSI App – iOS or Android. You can even try out some programs for free. Just go to divessi.com and register.

SSI Crossover

SSI has a simplified crossover system for instructors affiliated with recognized agencies. We believe that since you’re already an instructor, you only need to know how the SSI System and Philosophy function as well as the specific skills.

We recognize that as a qualified Instructor or Divemaster you already know how to train divers or deal with certified divers. Our crossover is designed to simply familiarize you with the SSI Total Teaching System and the difference in our water skills. It’s that simple.

The ratings you currently hold with your other recognized agency will be matched one-to-one with SSI ratings. After completion, you can continue your career with SSI without limits!



SSI’s Training Standards and Total Teaching System are the perfect blend of structure and flexibility. We train you to be a dive professional capable of making judgments to meet the challenges of your geographic area and the needs of your students.


SSI’s Dive Professional pathway will teach you to lead dives, train you what it takes to produce confident, comfortable divers and make you a valuable asset in a dive center or resort.


SSI Dive Professionals are respected all over the world because for their reputation of creating divers. The fact that business education is part of the dive professional training adds no small part to this acknowledgment.

2012_iso-logo_printIn addition SSI holds the esteemed ISO certification worldwide. With over 30 SSI Service Centers globally, 2.500 Authorized Dive Centers and Dive Resorts in 110+ countries and educational materials translated and printed in 25+ languages, there is a world of opportunity waiting for you with SSI.

Work for Us

Location: Koh Samui Number:

Want to work in paradise? SSI Instructor wanted!

The Life Aquatic Samui is looking for a multilingual (preferably French or German) SSI Instructor to join our team!
Good knowledge of local dive sites (KT, Sail Rock) is a must.

Email us for more information and to send your CV.

***This is a full time position with work permit.