Many people look at the ocean as a blue impenetrable mass, far beyond our comprehension. Appreciation of the natural environment is the foundation of our business. Scuba divers literally immerse themselves in nature’s largest playground and witness first-hand the beauty and sensitive nature of the ocean.

Given our position we feel it is our duty to promote environmental awareness and responsible behavior, embrace sustainable business practices, and actively pursue community and global stewardship efforts.



As a Green Fins member we are committed to protecting our marine life, please help us by following these simple guidelines

Things Divers Must Do:

  1. Practice buoyancy control and photography skills away from the reef

  2. Ensure gauges, regulators and other equipment are secured and do not drag over reefs

  3. Avoid stirring up sediment by keeping your distance

  4. Hold on to rock or dead coral if you need to hold onto something

  5. Respect marine life and shoot photographs without altering or disturbing the environment

  6. Practice advanced finning techniques (e.g. finning backwards, pivot finning and frog kicks) to avoid causing damage to reefs

  7. Support conservation and champion the best practices to ensure the sustainability of our beautiful and fragile coral reef environments

Things Divers Must NOT Do:

  1. Touch or step on coral

  2. Feed the fish

  3. Litter

  4. Wear gloves

  5. Chase, touch, spear or capture any marine life

  6. Place cameras on reefs or move marine life to capture a better shot

  7. Collect marine life souvenirs from the beach or ocean – you may be breaking the law